Hello from ArchBang

Hi my name is Mr Green from ArchBang Linux. Been using Archlinux for a little while thought I would come over and offer some help if needed.

Mr G.


It s a pleasure, welcome aboard @mrgreen . Nice having you here.

Hello @mrgreen and welcome to the forum, a bit (or a lot) of Archbang will feel like home here


Welcome, welcome.

Welcome from Italy.

Welcome @mrgreen!

Hello Mr Green and welcome here ! Arch Bang, nice minimal OpenBox arch based distro BTW. :grin:

Great to see you here @mrgreen. Welcome!

Indeed welcome mr Green. I have your latest iso on a usb keyring as a backup using the f2fs file system, i like what you did with openbox tile-rc.

Welcome @mrgreen. Of course you can help and give some wisdom of how to accomplish things that will make AL even better. Although I think you may have your work cut out for you.:smile:

Am thinking that the days of iso images are gone, most users will run from a usb stick/drive of some sort. Even newer systems no longer come with cdrom/dvd drives.

Really interested in the Raspberry Pi approach an image file… A full system that you unpack (tar) and transfer to a microsd card.

Sorry just thinking out loud…

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I took DVD out of my laptop to put another disk into its place. Didn’t need it a single time so far.

I like how LibreElect do their installation, just enough for kodi, be nice if someone coded something similar for Archlinux.


Have done a quick install of bspwm via archlabs on a VM and I am very impressed. Thinking of adding Archlabs repos to ArchBang


Actually, you still need iso/img to burn on thumbdrive. I only use DVD for videos and music to play in our vehicles. But for software, it’s going the way of the 3.5 and 5.25 floppies…

I m still using dvd drive to burn & install isos.