Hello from an old german

Well, I consider myself young enough to tinker around with Linux, but “old” means I visited my first Iron Maiden concert back in the 80’s and had a lot of beers there. Those were the times, my friend…

I am somewhat of a retired systems engineer who started its programming career with a Fortran compiler on 2x 5,25" floppies on an 8 Mhz 8086 with a 20 megabyte HD which never ran out of space! Imagine that.

Nowadays i am still impressed about the opportunities the kids have when they want to get into computing. Machines are cheap and the Internet is full of operating systems with tons of documentation just a search and a click away… Kids have it so easy today :sunglasses:

While i got an vanilla arch install before and now using a full-blown Manjaro KDE/Plasma as my daily driver I was looking for a smaller arch distro to bring my old Thinkpad x61s back to live. I found it and that is why I am here.

Installation was a no-brainer and everything is working out of the box.

You guys at ArchLabs did a perfect job! Thank you!


Hi @takr, welcome. I am sure my eldest would be insanely jealous to know you saw Iron Maiden in their prime.

Welcome here. Pleasure with AL


Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

From one geezer to another…welcome

I fully agree!

And welcome to the new world of ArchLabs!

Thanks everybody for the welcome.

I admit I got to check what a geezer is:

If we replace tea with coffee and Barry White with Black Sabbath than I’m fine

Here in the US…geezer is an old guy.

You mean back when music was actually good??

Regards from an old American!

Should have mentioned: I’m a serious ZZ Top fan. Is there anything better than the boys from Tejas?

Nice introduction. Welcome!!