Hello from a #! refuge

I will tell y’all right now? As one that has dirtro-hopped for more years than I would like to admit? I have found home again.
Online? I am Drakken. I was part of the #! Community. Sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. Tis life. I have been a passionate believer in Flux/Openbox/FVWM as an efficient way to get things done.
All are a wonderful bridge between things like ratpoison and i3 to those of us that like the OS to work for us, not the other way around.
There is the freedom!
So, about me? I am currently a free-lance IT integration consultant. With experience in everything from Living Wall configurations for Network Operation Centers to Radio/Microwave communications systems. I am well versed in CISCO and Juniper firewall and switch/ router configurations.
I am a Sys Ad, it does not matter if it is Windows, Linux or Mac. I can and will make it talk.
At home? I simply wanted my OpenBox back. But I did not have the time to build it up from the ground up.

So? I found Arch-labs! And I am home again. Any help? Any insight I can add/give help? I am ready

Very respectfully,



Hello @Drakken, we caught up on IRC yesterday but it is good to welcome you here.

Thanks for the offer of help, will sing out when we want some testing etc :smiley:

Thank ya!

I have my custom built AMD desktop to use as a test bed. This x220 it working quite well atm. I have a few 32 bit machines if that is an ocean y’all are willing to swim into.

Just a thought? Would arch-labs ever go System-D free? I am neither here nor there on it…I have read both sides of the story. They are meh… But just a passing thought.

System-D free, chances are, probably never. None of the team have any issues with System-D.

We will leave that sort of so on and so forth for the Artix and ArchBang guys. :slight_smile:

LM AO! I love the way things are going with this distro. Like I said. I was a #! purist. But ##!plus and Bunesnlabs… Meh to say the least.


As we talked about yesterday, BL has a special place for me in the Linux world. I always wished they were more up to date, like Arch is. But hey, still an amazing distro.

If you want we have a new testing ISO to check out if you are willing?

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I do remember… And aye… I did want the same. And still do. but this distro is amazing. If you want me to beta test it? Sure. I am willing to do that

Great, jump in IRC if you can. Nate is on too.

freenode correct?



I want to really work with y’all. I think I can add some insight into this amazing distro. But I need a few minutes to take care of things and rack out. I have yet to try this out on my dual screen desktop.
I would think that it will be awesome sauce! But we shall see.! I will sort out irrsi and what not in the morning.
In the mean time?I I hope y’all have an amazing night and wonderful morning. Going to see if I an sort out popcorn time and a few other issues with poly bar.

With all due respect, Thank you for time,



@Drakken, no problem mate. We are always willing to work with others :smiley:
Catch you around.

Awesome story @Drakken.
I love openbox, AL is the first distro I tried with OB and it’s amazing.


Thak you Sir! I am indeed loving OpenBox again… There are a few things to sort out with ArchBox. But I think I can take care of it.

With Repsect,


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