Hello everyone


Hello everyone,

I’m an electrical engineerung student from Germany and I’ve just installed this wonderful distro. This is my first time with an Arch Based system, but so far it feels really nice. It’s awesome, that without customising anything i3wm already looks like some of the setups you find on /r/unixporn. :grinning:

Keep up the nice work!


Welcome to the community @habanzu, a pleasure to meet you :slight_smile:


Welcome to ArchLabs! If we can help in anyway just ask!


Allo, willkommen an Bord @habanzu , (translated)

Trying to learn German on my spare time, not an easy task at over 50 ! lol

Hope you ll enjoy AL & the forum.


I have been too, Duolingo is really helpful with that.


@Dobbie03. Didn t knew that, thx for the tip in there, will check it out.


Welcome to the gang @habanzu. I’m a electronic engineer. It’s amazing I don’t have frizzy hair and hope you don’t either, if you know what I mean… Hope you enjoy the AL distro and forum. Plenty of great people to help and have fun with. :grin:


So far I have normal hair, or is that necessary for my diploma? :smiley:

@altman Viel Spaß beim Lernen! Neue Sprachen zu lernen finde ich immer sehr interessant.


Old joke about us sparkies always getting shocked. It can be a hair raising experience. Just be cautious and be aware. :grin:


@habanzu , it helps ! lol

Ja Sehr interessant !


Thüringer hier! :crazy_face: :hugs: