Hello ArchLabs!

Hello! I came to know about this distro 2 days ago. I downloaded the 2018.07 iso and the live ArchLabs is so beautiful. I love the dark black theme of this distro. I think I fell for it’s dark theme. ArchLabs is #BlackBeauty :smile:

I joined the forum now and I find it exactly like Manjaro forum. Except that the dark theme makes it better than Manjaro forum.

I failed to install Arch Linux on my laptop (Everything was smooth until grub installation. The grub wouldn’t get installed no matter what). So I am currently using Antergos and I love it. I have previously used Manjaro XFCE 18.0. It’s a very good distro but I find it bloated. I am currently very much interested in ArchLabs and am thinking of trying it in VM.

Does ArchLabs support XFCE? Is ArchLabs bloated? Why did you choose ArchLabs?

(BTW I feel that ArchLabs is severely underrated/unknown. Like, like, I came to know about this distro just recently)

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EWelcome aboard @Quantum_Sniper_007 . Enjoy yourself on AL Forum.

Hello @Quantum_Sniper_007 . Welcome to the forum.

Welcome @Quantum_Sniper_007!

You should grab the latest release (as of a day or two ago). This should take care of your grub issue.

XFCE, why yes! You have the option to install that. The new release does not offer a “live” preview. However, It will goes directly into a shell and lets you know the command to start the install process. Among the choices of DE/WM, FXCE is listed along with other favorites like OpenBox and I3 (to name few). You also have options for adding to the base DE/WM with a nice set of applications (that I myself find quite nice) opposed to a predetermined set of apps. Its really a nice middle ground from zero apps (as in an Arch Linux install) and a full on suite of apps (that you may or may not want) from the likes of a Manjaro or Ubuntu install.

My install was very fast (circa 15 minutes). So that goes to your question if its bloated.
As to being unknown, while this is mostly true, folks like yourself are doing a great job of getting to know ArchLabs and loving it - and that in itself, helps to promote the OS.

I hope I answered some questions and more importantly, WELCOME and enjoy your stay.
You will find that this forum is as friendly as the Manjaro forum so you should feel quite comfortable here!!


Welcome aboard @Quantum_Sniper_007 and we hope you like our forum with great people. I would follow @Chris advice and go here to find out more about the latest release. I agree that this will take care of the grub issue.

Release 2018.12

Hope this works for you. Peace


Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! :slight_smile:

No problem @Quantum_Sniper_007

I had faced trouble during the grub install of vanilla Arch. I had installed grub but it couldn’t generate the grub configuration file after grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg. I got stuck there and got very frustrated. So I have been trying Arch derivatives since then.

I installed ArchLabs on my VM (VMWare) using the latest iso 2018.12.17 now. It’s awesome. No problems and the dark theme is cool.

The installation took about 1hr and 15 min. It took about 40 mins to unpack the iso itself totalling 2.6 Gigs and the rest for downloading the packages. I don’t know why it took so long,maybe, because I was installing it on VM and not actual hardware. I really love the options it gave during the installation part. Very nice.

The devs must have worked really hard on this. Thanks!

I know that my desktop is not so attractive and cool compared to you folks. But still I like it.


Nicee @Quantum_Sniper_007

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Thanks! But I know that my desktop config is 99.9% desktop wallpaper. :rofl:

lol, it s allright on my side .

Right! Time to sleep. It’s 3:30 am here. Bye!

Oh, pretty late.