Hello Archlab

I’m GllmR, from France, I used crunchbang for a long time, then i quit for a more conventional distro.

I recently start a web dev course, and try to choose a minimal distro that looks like #!.

That’s my first time with archlinux (except for some virtual manjaro).
I had no problem to install archlab on my old thinkpad, but i can’t figure how to install it on my macbook air, but that’s for another thread.

I love what archlabs have done with openbox, it’s so pretty/simple/undistractive, it’s perfect.

I hope you understand what i wrote with my bad english…



Welcome from Italy

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Welcome aboard @GllmR . Been on # also, miss it !

Your English s fine with me!

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Welcome to our little forum @GllmR! I hope you can find answers to your inquary here and contribute as well! Have fun with AL! By the way, your english fine.

As for your macbook air, @Suttree may be able to help you with that.

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@GllmR welcome to the forum! Hopefully we can sort out your Macbook issue.

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Welcome @GllmR Bienvenue!

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Hi GllmR,
Welcome aboard the AL community!
In case you decide to install AL on your macbook air, either alongside or in place of mac os, let’s keep in touch

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Welcome @GllmR,
Same here, missed #!, found ArchLabs, got lucky!
Don’t mind to ask any question about AL, nice you like it too.
Greetings from thinkpad in germany.

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Hello @GllmR and welcome to the forum. Have fun with ArchLabs

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Hi, i had no problem to install archlabs in dualboot with refind on my macbook air.
There is just some adjustments, i will make a post about it, but i can live with them right now. (keyboard backlight, brightness adjustment always start at 100%, polybar start on the second screen when plugged, battery life is not fabulous).

Thanks for your kindness.