Hello and thanks from hellish California

Hey everyone, just thought I’d introduce myself before pestering everyone about the installer lol (Dobbie on another Linux forum suggested I do that, before I pester him about DWM), A little background, have used Linux off and on since when SuZE was just plain SuZE (it was my first distro, which is probably why I haven’t used it since, and of course I probably have the lower case letter wrong so pardon me), my primary OS for the past 10 years was OS X (my iMac only upgrades to El Capitan, and I haven’t bothered to hack it since I was running Linux on it, and now sits cold because I haven’t bothered with Linux on it), of course used Windows and know enough to not bother with Win 10, and recently went back to Linux full time after a few years of not bothering with that. My last distro before my hiatus was the last distro I ever used because it IMO was the best distro ever: Crunchbang. Yes, I am an old #! user and proud of it. When I came back to bothering with Linux again, I had found it ceased, and I went back to Distrowatch and distro hopping, used MX and Manjaro at first, Solus, anything but Ubuntu (because I got banned from their forum ages ago as well as hate it) and Mint (I hate Cinnamon as much as I hate Ubuntu), and also found I don’t like DE’s anymore, Openbox and WM’s are more my taste (because I prefer minimalism rather than features I wouldn’t use anyway), and now use Debian/Arch or Debian/Arch based distros, predicated on what of many partitions I chose to boot into on various machines I have, all of which makes me want newer machines.

Right now I am typing this on my “Bangbox”: a laptop with a keyboard of ill design dual booting Archlabs (that I loaded via the repos over Archbang, because of the aforementioned installer) and Bunsenlabs (running Sid, which I dunno goes against the “I understand” prompt on the post install script, but then again I am running Arch, and going into Nix because why not), and pleasantly surprised and not feeling bothered at all with it. It’s like I found Crunchbang all over again, although I never found Crunchbang, Crunchbang found me.

Thanks! Will ask questions about the installer in the appropriate category later, when I make another attempt at it.


Hello @drummer, welcome on board.

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Thanks! My father always told me, “hang around people who are smarter than you are, because you’ll learn things much faster and are better off for it”.

This is after he found a joint I had burned in the garage.

I still take his advice from time to time. God bless my old man.

Welcome around @drummer . These are some wise words in there from your father.

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This goes for all out old men :slight_smile: Love my Dad.

Welcome to the forum man.

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I just pictured you two sharing a joint (it’s all your fault)
The tought made me happy
Back to reality, I guess you figured out here is also about Heavy Metal
Are you a drummer in real life?

@drummer welcome aboard drummer :wink:

My Dad never smoked weed. He tried it but never liked it. Myself, on rare occasion. I did enough of that in high school lol. When I fragged my knee, I used all kinds of goodies for the pain. My fave was tincture in my coffee. I would add a few drops into my cup, and it was all good.

Yeah I don’t play as much right now, but yeah I am a drummer. Played drums since I was around 4 years old. I played in the school bands, and jammed with a few cats, did the drum corp style thing in high school. I didn’t really know what kind of drummer I wanted to be while in high school until I went to a clinic that had a guy who did studio work. I started buying Modern Drummer back then, and started to learn drummers like Steve Gadd, Billy Cobham, Vinnie Colaiuta. But the one that grabbed me is Tony Williams. Modern Drummer had him on the cover and with an interview, and everything he said brought everything to light. Tony became my hero, still is. I studied with him in both individual and master classes for a few months when I was 24 years old.

People ask me “What kind of music do you play?”. I play what the cats I look up to play, which can be anything. I still work on pad to keep the hands and fingers in shape. I plan to start a method from Murray Spivack that they have online. I figure now is a good time to revamp technique. I am gonna build a pad setup with mirrors (because I always used mirrors with a pad) and whenever America gets it shit together, I will at least have some new chops.

Long way to saying “Yeah I play” lol.


Some big drummers names in there @drummer . Know your stuff !

Hopefully you re alright where you re at fire-wise, Looks like hell as you stated.

I live near Palm Springs, no fires because there is nothing to burn lol. But hellish, yes. 120 degree days in August, still over 100 going into October.

Wholy cow, way too hot for me !

I don’t have to tell you that there are people out there with half your curriculum calling themselves “Rock-stars”
Thank you for your reply, but the thing about you and your dad was about the intimacy, not the weed.

I know a few cats that do the rock thing, they do it well and they book over in Europe a bit. But to have that “Rock Star” vibe means you kinda have to be an asshole, but not always. I played with rock bands a lot. and I can bring something to it. Another drummer I dug in high school going forward is Simon Phillips. My old rig was setup just like his except the Octobans and Gong drum. He can play with anyone, did Judas Priest Sin After Sin, Jeff Beck, Pete Townsend, Hiromi, The Coors. He bridged the gap for me between rock and electric jazz-rock. Of course I channel Billy Cobham before Simon, and I think Cobham is one of the best rock drummers ever. He just does a whole lot of other things great too.

Yep, He s very versatile , not many can be that versatile.

This was back when Billy Cobham lit up the drum planet with his band which has the Brecker Bros and John Abercrombie. The audio on it isn’t mixed well, yet Cobham is on fire.

That was one great band in there.

Yeah this his “Dreams” band. They also did his record Shabazz. I used to buy all his records and all the records I could find with Tony and Gadd. Before my record collection was all punk and 80’s metal. Paul Di’ Anno Iron Maiden, not the Dickenson Maiden lol.

Here is some of Shabazz:

Yep, some good drummers right !

Lol, remember Di Anno also, He did some kind of shows some years back with his old Maiden songs.