Hello, and Congratulation for such a GREAT distro

Hi !
Not really a linux newbie, my first distro was debian (around 2000), then I switched to Gentoo for a few years, but got tired of the compile time and too frequent config edition after an update.

My work bought me a Macbook that I used from 2005 to 2009, but paying for all the apps (or having to find illegal versions), and tired of a closed system, I went back to Linux (XUbuntu and Arch : one for the stable work laptop, the other for “last version” software).

This year, my Thinkpad crashed so on the new one, I installed MX17 and Archlabs (mainly choosen for the fast install, and Crunchbang spirit).

MX17 is great, but almost “too stable”, and missing the “bleeding edge”.

I installed Archlabs, and felt in love with the Openbox and i3 DE.

Congratulation to all the contributors for such a great distro.


Glad to have you here . Welcome aboard.

Welcome to the gang! I’ve been meaning to take a look at MX…I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

MX is a distro I would recommend for someone who doesn’t want to mess with the config.

It’s clean, has a low memory footprint when running XFCE, a lot of useful tools to configure.

There is a useful tool which allow you to clone your present system to a LiveUSB and install it as it is on another computer (I did this for two of my sons recently, you have a working system with all the programs you want right after the install).
As they never used Linux, I wanted a stable distro, which wouldn’t break after an update.


Hello @zoloo , welcome to the forum. See you around.

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It’s a pleasure to have you here @zoloo, welcome to ArchLabs :slight_smile:

It is, and close to all our hearts. Man, that seems like eons ago! :grinning:

MX looks nice. Thanks for the suggestion.

Welcome to ArchLabs

MX rules.

Welcome! :+1: