Hello All:)

Hello all! I’m grunge94 and I am a Linux newb. I’ve fiddled around with Ubuntu in the past but I haven’t done much with it. Currently I am in a transitioning stage wanting to pursue a career in IT, however I don’t exactly know what I want to pursue in this field. If anyone here is in the IT field I would love to hear about your occupation and experiences!


Welcome to ArchLabs! Enjoy your stay and if you need anything just reach out.

Hello @grunge94 and welcome to the forum!

Welcome aboard !

Hello and welcome !
Currently studying IT, and almost done, but can’t choose between development and networks :frowning:

Thank you!


Thank youu!

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What do like about development the most? And what do you like about networking the most?

Welcome @grunge94! Hope you enjoy our forum. Everyone has to start somewhere, and there’s plenty of people who would be happy to help you out if you need it. :grin:

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No problem @grunge94

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Greetings @grunge94, fantastic to have you here! :slight_smile: Best wishes for your desire to pursue a new career.

Thank you, I appreciate it!:slight_smile:

Just pursue what is most fun! :slight_smile:

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About development, it would be the fact that you build things with only basics things, really similar with Legos actually. Plus, it can be a nice headache from times to times, it’s most of the time really satisfying to create and accomplish things.
About networks, it’s more related with the fact that it requires a whole lot of knowledge to fix situations, it doesn’t seems as repeating as with Dev stuff, and it makes you look like a wizard when you speak about that with other people ^^

Interesting. How much do you know about Devops?

Not much actually, as far as I know, it aims to rejoin devs and maintainers to help building application and help with their integration in prod.
But, as project leader, it’s not what I wanna do (or at least yet), it would be more a continuing of a carrier you know.
But I’ll eventually find out, one way or another

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Welcome to the gang, I’m in the IT field, bounced around and now i’m in sales…do not go into IT sales…my god there are some cheap companies out there and they all want the $10,000 solution for $10…lol


It’s the same in the electrical trade :smiley:

Guess it s the same in every trade.

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