Hello Forum

I just want to thank the people behind ArchLabs for all the work you are doing! I have been using AL for the past year and really love the simplicity and the possibilities! Thanx for making it available for a non-technical person like myself.

I am currently trying to understand how I can upgrade my Thinkpad x200s. Any tips and tricks are more than welcome, especially on upgrading to SSDs!
My goal is basically to make it faster and last as long as possible. Might be posting a few questions along the way.

Greetings from Sweden


Welcome aboard @Signe

Edit; please start threads when ready about issues so that some might help you better.

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Welcome to the gang. Adding ssd and a little ram should make it perform a lot better…I’ll bet if you check YouTube there is probably a howto on replacing the drive.

Welcome @Signe !!

Hello @Signe and welcome to the forum

Welcome to the forum @Signe ! Don’t hesitate to ask questions, we all help each other here. Yes, the more RAM that’s installed, the better. Of course installing a bigger SSD is always a great plus. :grin:

@TimApple, I’m glad I am not the only one that gets attacked by a rogue spell checker! :joy:

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Välkommen hit.

Welcome to the ArchLabs community @Signe, it’s a genuine pleasure to have you here. :slight_smile:

Just installed an ssd for my boot drive and although I’m not entirely sure I trust it yet… Wow! The performance gain is incredible.

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Thanks a lot everyone!

Yesterday I swapped my old hdd for an ssd, and it sure made a huge difference. Couldn’t beleive it was that easy! Might even try upgrading the ram now :wink:

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That s cool !