Hearing My own Mic in Pulseaudio

I’ve checked all of the inputs and outputs but I can’t manage to disable the microphone playing back the input unless I disable or mute the input itself. Any ideas here? Thanks!

Wonder if this could be of any help to you @Fives

The quality is fine but I constantly hear myself when speaking through the mic, I don’t see any separate volume sliders to turn this off and can’t really find anything else about it around the web.

You may have the loopback module loaded for whatever reason, try this

pactl unload-module module-loopback

If that doesn’t work try opening alsamixer and do the following

  1. Press F3 to make sure you are on the playback tab.
  2. Find any interesting setting there for “Mic” or “Capture” which shouldn’t be there, since we are on the playback tab.
  3. Either mute that volume meter by pressing M or lower its level to zero with the cursor keys.Now it shouldn’t echo back, and recording with the mic should be also possible.
  4. If it still echos back, then you have to mute the mic volumes, just go back to alsamixer press F4 and mute what you have to on the capture tab.

If neither works then I’ll keep looking around and find a solution.


There’s nothing of note in Alsamixer, I’ve no clue where to go beyond this.

My card is a Creative X-Fi Titanium.
I’m just thinking about taking it out of my PC and go with on-board, but that would be a waste of the money I’ve spent years ago.

Sorry for the delayed response.

Within alsamixer did you select the correct sound card with F6? Didn’t realize you had multiple. Select it then see if my previous suggestion works.

Really sorry to hear your having such a shit experience with this. You could give the onboard sound a go failing the above just to see if it works, we can go from there.