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Gladly. :smiley:
The result is not clear. Lock behaves as above and with suspend I get right to the screen. If the duration of the suspend is longer (+15 min), then first the screen follows for a few seconds, then black and after red with once PW input.

slock kicks in after the screen is idle for 10 mins.

If “Lock” is clicked, “slock” is called.
If “Suspend” is clicked, “systemctl suspend” is called.

On what s the hardware used @unklar . It might be related to that also, we never know.

& do you have light-locker installed also !

If it can be of any help I always remove it (light-locker) on my installs, that way we have a little less things that can fight each other. Just my 2 cnts

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Thanks guys. I’m just gonna rebuild later with it disabled in .xprofile. Anyone can uncomment it if they want it. That way someone not in the loop doesn’t get all confused when it locks after 10 minutes.

I’ll leave it untouched as far as clicking on it in the eww bar. If someone clicks on lock naturally they would try to type their password or something.

@altman good tip. Light-locker on Debian 11 is a nightmare.

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Thx bud, wonder if one can remove it before making the iso so to speak.

Yeah, I don’t include lightlocker or lightdm at all. The desktop starts from xinit. aka startx

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Hey that s cool

As weird as it can look ! I like to use lightdm on my installs, bet that it has to do with old habits ! lol

If possible, add one more thing in eww config.

When “Shutdown” (?don’t remember the exact word used in the live image), add a confirmation before actually shutting the system down. I was kicked out of the live environment one click on the icon.

Lol. It’s a little trigger happy.

I’ll look into that. I can make an eww pop up dialog pretty easy.

Good tip @chroot . Some times we can click on it without releasing it till it s too late !

Like not saving stuff before shutting down ! lol

In dkrc file, remove unused entries, for example, “google-chrome”, etc. Those little things make the system look a bit more polished.

Overall, the distro is a pleasant experience to use now. I may install it on one of my laptops (Debian to qualify myself in the FOC :grinning: ). Guess it uses default Debian installer?

Yeah, d-i is untouched for the most part. I did opt out of the graphical version mainly because I don’t care for it but also so I didn’t have to theme it.

It also shaved 300 megs off of the iso size.

I modified the slock patch for dwm (see Slock with dwm logo) to display dk.

Here’s the file changed.

$ cat config.h

/* user and group to drop privileges to */
static const char *user  = "your_name";
static const char *group = "your_group";

static const char *colorname[NUMCOLS] = {
        [BACKGROUND] =   "#202020",     /* after initialization */
        [INIT] =   "#2d2d2d",     /* after initialization */
        [INPUT] =  "#808fa0",   /* during input */
        [FAILED] = "#9d5b61",   /* wrong password */

/* treat a cleared input like a wrong password (color) */
static const int failonclear = 1;

/* insert grid pattern with scale 1:1, the size can be changed with logosize *
static const int logosize = 85;
static const int logow = 10;    /* grid width and height for right center alig
static const int logoh = 6;

static XRectangle rectangles[10] = {
        /* x    y       w       h */
        { 0,    3,      1,      3 },
        { 1,    3,      2,      1 },
        { 0,    5,      4,      1 },
        { 3,    1,      1,      4 },
        { 5,    1,      1,      5 },
        { 8,    1,      1,      1 },
        { 7,    2,      1,      1 },
        { 6,    3,      1,      1 },
        { 7,    4,      1,      1 },
        { 8,    5,      1,      1 },

Nice @chroot

Sounds like some keyboard input before you typed password. If you hit a key on keyboard to turn display back on then that registers as keyboard input.

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Always welcome in the OFC. Reminded me to spin up something with Debian again :joy:


@chroot @wickedlester @unklar @judd

Please see the new 122822 iso.

  • I’ve added confirmation dialogs for suspend/reboot/logout/poweroff.

  • slock is click only from the powermenu now by default. You can turn on the 10 minute timer for it by uncommenting it from .xprofile

  • dkrc was cleaned up a slightly while leaving some stuff as examples

Chroot, I’ll consider but am still on the fence about the slock patch. (thanks for doing it and I do like the way it looks) If it’s something that makes sense I can push it out in the hatchery repos as an update to suckless-tools. It’s mainly skel or live-build stuff that requires .ISO rebuilds.

Also, if any of ya’ll don’t want to re-install or re-download an “apt upgrade” then copying .config/eww.yuck, .config/eww.scss, .config/dk/dkrc, and .xprofile from /usr/share/hatchery/skel to your $HOME dir will suffice.


Unless something is mysteriously borked I’m not planning any new ISO’s for a while. We can push some stuff like mentioned above via the repos.

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At the moment I did the apt update and everything went well!

More later I will see the files to integrate them into $HOME.

Thank you for the work, the time and for keeping me in mind. Very kind!

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