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For some reason I can’t get reload sxhkd to work ?


# reload sxhkd
super + shift + p
	pkill -USR1 -x sxhkd


# reload sxhkd
alt + shift + x
	pkill -USR1 -x sxhkd

One of the breaking syntax changes with dk 1.8 was dkcmd reload being deprecated. I thought it was working with the new keybinds last I tried. Will check on this.

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On another note I’m building a Debian testing version of hatchery right now called steelhead. It’ll be swimming pretty soon.

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Sorry just fixed dk reload only sxhdk not working. All works fine on AL with 1.8

With dk reload just had to add the path. All good now

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I usually just reload dk which in turn reloads sxhkd. Hence totally missed this. Thanks for the catch.

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Hey guys I split the steelhead discussion into a new thread so that we can leave this one open for stable help questions.


@cog !

I need to ask about the kernel I’m running in Hatchery, which is this one:

Linux hatchery 5.10.0-21-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.10.162-1 (2023-01-21) x86_64 GNU/Linux

I made absolutely no changes to the kernel.

My question is:

Is the stable kernel the one I have and everything is fine with it ?

Thanks as always!

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5.10.165 is the latest kernel from 5.10 branch. Debian is always a little behind due to its testing process. If it’s available, apt upgrade should pull it in.

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Thanks for your time @chroot

It doesn’t pull it from my side with sudo apt upgrade or sudo apt full-upgrade either.

I might have to wait a bit for mirrors, for this side of the world…

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All critical vulnerabilities are fixed in current Debian stable kernel, see here.

Hey y’all there’s an import dk update for anyone on riogrande “stable” iso. A simple apt update/upgrade will do the job. It fixes something with the eww bar as well as some padding while using the tstack layout.

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Download is so slow from here 150kb 2hr 30 min

wget -c https://iso.hatcherylinux.org/steelhead-030123-amd64.hybrid.iso

It’s usually blazing fast anywhere. Hope it speeds up for you. The previous post was just to apt update on Debian stable riogrande, not the testing iso.

The testing iso (steelhead) doesn’t have dk anymore.

Speed still slow, up an down like a yoyo. All good no matter

This is a lazy question can I change the bar to top.

Thanks you I get to do a source install. Happy days

No you can’t move the bar to top unless you do a lot of eww config yourself.


It’s not like tint2 or polybar. It’s a widget system and has to be coded what to do.


Thanks cog installed working just fine as is dk.


Only thing I found so far no sound in firefox. So I removed pulse completely an installed alsa now sound works fine. Sorry i’m just not a pulse user.

Source installed.
lemonbar = needed lemonbar-xft (protesilaos)
picom = blur ( yshui)

Thanks cog