Hatchery Help

Please use this thread for any help or questions with hatchery.

I don’t anticipate all that many since it’s based on Debian stable so things don’t go awry that much, but things do crop up from time to time.

Thanks @wickedlester, @PackRat & @unklar on BL forums for finding some stuff that needed fixing so far & @sleekmason, @chroot for the suggestions/ improvements.


Keep up the good work.

Including librsvg2-common in the iso might be a good idea. Unable to change themes/icons in the live image may frustrate potential new users.

Like @sleekmason mentioned in another thread, if possible, try to use “user/live/debian” as the default user name in the live image.


Thanks chroot. That’s what I included in the latest iso yesterday! Unklar on bl brought it to my attention. I hadn’t noticed it since I install Inkscape immediately after a fresh install.

Are you speaking from the last iso or the new one?

Edit: I’ll look at changing the username/host name etc back to defaults. I kind of have it customized since I’m using xinit instead of a DM.

Haven’t checked the latest one yet. Will check it when I have time tomorrow.

You got me thinking. On top of using default user/pass/host I need to disable xautolock/slock in case someone doesn’t know any form or credentials.

Gonna install the new iso to hard drive in a little bit, might be tomorrow. been moving some partitions around and resizing here and there. Been hunting down a nasty bug across all my installs. I think I tracked it down but who knows.

@wickedlester hey bud. Hold off a sec or two. I’m implementing user/pass/hostname back to live-build defaults like @chroot mentioned. Should be done tonight or maybe tomorrow.

I just have to build packages, push the repo, build the iso, website etc. Takes a little bit. Thanks for testing :cowboy_hat_face:

will do. No rush on my end. I have plenty to keep me busy :laughing:


@chroot @wickedlester the new iso etc should be all tee’d up now. I didn’t remove the screensaver/lockscreen mainly because I forgot and am not gonna rebuild the iso for it. But everyting should be back to the live-build defaults now.

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The lockscreen thing will be an easy fix if yall deem it crucial… The debian live isos do something similar except with light-locker they bork your whole live system. At least on hatchery you can authenticate if you know the password.

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Keep up the good work in there @cog & props to the other ones that help/ed as well !

Hello All!
Hello @cog,

I have three installations in the meantime (QEMU + desktop with the ISO from 120922 and on the laptop from 122622).

As you know, the installations went without problems, everything works.
However, all three have this error when the screen turns off after some inactivity, or when I use suspend.

After that I can’t get the screen back. I just have to ‘turn off’. But this is not the known ‘hard off’, just short.

Do I not understand dk or do I have a mistake in thinking?

@unklar that looks like the lock screen. have you tried typing your password and hit enter? if you type it wrong the screen will turn red.

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Checked the latest iso (12/27). All is good.

@unklar yeah sounds like the Lock Screen

@chroot I guess this proves the Lock Screen needs to be disabled by default for new users, oh well it’s an easy fix rebuild

You could use i3lock-fancy or patch slock to display dk logo (see @natemaia & @Dobbie03 threads). I use the patched slock in dwm and i3lock-fancy in dk/bspwm in my Arch systems.

@unklar could you do me a favor and comment out xautolock/slock from your /home/unklar/.xprofile and then see if it still does it?

I just am curious if .xprofile is purely responsible or if systemd and suspend are doing it too.

You had your thumb 'on it. I did not suspect the lock screen. :wink:
However, I have to enter the PW twice. After cyan it changes to red and again PW comes the screen.