Has anyone tried my games yet?

Some time ago I wrote two arcade-puzzle games. Possibly someone will like one?

One more cheese (AUR) was written in Python / pygame.

The rules are simple: the board consists of cells which designate the mouse movement. You need to click on cells to turn them 90 degrees clockwise, and let the mouse empty rows (eat a piece of cheese in each one) for the empty row to disappear. The row vanishes as the mouse leaves it. New rows keep falling down. As soon as they fill the board, the game is finished.

Eist returns (AUR) was a Java remake of what I had written years ago for 8-bit Atari. Choosing JavaFX was a mistake, as it depends on the ffmpeg2.8 AUR package. One step installation seems only be possible with pamac and takes ages. Other AUR helpers may need ffmpeg2.8 installed earlier manually. The game itself seems to be too difficult to most of contemporary players. :stuck_out_tongue:

Carry Eist through 40 boards, placing arrows on his way to indicate directions. Descent from the path makes him fall down. You need to pick up all artifacts for the exit to open. Along the way you meet doors. You need a key to open each one. Use the ladder to cross gaps in the path. On some boards you will also find a pair of teleports, which move Eist to each another. Before you click the board and put Eist in movement, plan the game carefully. You will have no time to think later.

Both games are also available on the Play Store.


I’m not big on games but I’ll give these a go.


I’m no gamer, too, but coding them was the biggest fun I’ve ever had. :smiley:


That some nice work @nwg

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