Hardware recommendations

So, Im looking at a new desktop. My basic requirements would be an i7 processor 8g RAM and at least 1T of storage.

I know very little about hardware - are there any brands to out right avoid? with a budget of arounf 1500 bucks, where and what should I be looking at? Currently I have a custom machine, but its old and seems to act like a vacum cleaner on dust!

Thoughts please?

Hmmm, could you update your old box (vacuum cleaner) with new processor, motherboard, 1TB hdd, and a 500 Watt power supply ? What machine do you have?

Guess the op s looking for some hardware, unless I read it wrong.

Edit: Guess that you mean he can upgrade from what he s got already.

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Here’s one that maybe up your alley:



Thx mate, might be usefull one day.

Yes, but if he’s not comfortable with trying to upgrade, he could possibly look into above recommendation.

Good call n there.

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Here’s another, it’s a little more as far as hardware. But for the price, it’s a steal:



Thx mate, both links bookmarked on my end.

Edit: typo

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Not sure man. Just a big black box with no branding. But thats a good idea.

Thanks for those links. Ill look into it.

That digital storm set up is great and looks reasonably priced thanks @sevenday4

@philT, because I was shopping for two… I recently went with a couple factory refurbished hp machines and four 32" monitors. The money we saved by doing so is going into maxing the memory in both and a couple ssd’s to augment the 2tb hd’s which came with both.

If you want a lot of bang for that buck, it’s a good way to go… F as F and although we’re not much into gaming, eat anything thrown at them.

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I’m starting to think about getting a Digital Storm computer myself. And it is all your fault @philT! :joy::rofl::joy:

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lol, came back to haunt you mate !

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