Happy New Year (2019 Edition)

Well another year has passed, and being from future land it’s New Years Eve today for us. A quiet year on the AL front but you can blame real life for that :smiley:

Thanks to everyone who visits, posts, shares, talks, uses ArchLabs. We wouldn’t be here without you :smiley:

Keep safe and enjoy your New Years celebrations.

On a side note, it is my youngest sons birthday today. Happy 14th birthday Tomas!


Happy New Year to you and your family. All the best to all the forum members!

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Happy New Year and happy birthday. Enjoy those steaks.

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Enjoy them I shall. If I remember I will post some pics for you to all drool over.

Fun fact - Our boys share the same names, albeit different spellings.

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:smiley: Don’t tell my wife this but I named my Tomas after Tomas Haake from Meshuggah …

Tomas/Thomas is a great name, strong, manly and intelligent :smiley:

My eldest is Jakob.

Agreed. I guessed from the spelling it was from Scandanavian / metal origins.

My youngest is Jacob


Holy shit, mind blown level 9000

If you tell me that they are 14 and 17 then you are going to make my brain melt.

Haha, no. 4 and 6.

I guessed from your first reaction that you thought that I meant only Thomas, but seriously. Both boys.

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Happy New Year downunder, here where I live it s still 2019 !

Taught it was 2020 coming up! lol

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Seven hours in to 2020!

Happy new year all!!

Yet another sidenote, Happy 17th Birthday to my son Jakob!!

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Happy birthday, Jakob.

More BBQ!


Happy BD Jacob, have a great one mate !

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I forgot to take photos yesterday but the steaks turned out perfectly.

I cooked 2x 500gm tomahawk steaks and 2x 2kg! rump. A nice rub of garlic powder, pink salt, white pepper and ground black pepper.
My Mum mad an epic coleslaw and it all went together nicely. My boys were chuffed with their steaks.

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Gee, hungry now ! lol.

Your fault @Dobbie03 . j/k

I happily accept the blame :smiley:

lol, you bet mate !

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