Happy Easter Everyone!


As tittle says Happy Easter everyone !

Loads of kids will eat loads of chocolats ! lol


Happy Eostre mate.

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Same back at you my friend @s7l !

Edit: German speaking right !


No just pagan Easter mate.

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Hey cool @s7l


Thanks @altman, all the best to you and all the forum members.

Landscape after the battle here:


Ths @nwg . Looks tasty !

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And still a half of bottle of blackcurrant Finlandia left. :smiley:

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Oh, even better @nwg ! lol

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Happy Easter to y’all. Just woke up here and I think the rabbit is on strike. Will have to go find the bugger!


lol, Happy Easter, have a great one @TimApple .

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Happy Easter guys

Family is all grown up now so not much chocolate over here, but were doing a big turkey for dinner.

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Sounds good to me ! yiam yiam !

Have a great dinner @natemaia


Hope no one has over dosed on chocolate!

We had a family lunch on Friday at my brothers beach house. It was epic.


Must have been a blast right @Dobbie03 !

Ours was yesterday s at my brother s place & couldn t go because of sickness, it makes me sick ! lol

Now that it s over, I start getting better, always something it seems.


It was indeed! Dobbie family gatherings are always the best, lots of good food, drink and hanging out.

That’s me today, I am meant to be going to the in-laws for lunch but I have come down with something overnight…its’ not been a healthy year.


Must have taken too much of the good things right ! lol

Yep , that sux concerning sickness !