Gui not opening after booting to archlabs

I’d used tcsh for quite some tme.

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Ok… thanks to everyone for support , i think i understand my mistake , i didn’t selected any desktop environment, i pressed enter… but the selection key is space :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Enter = ok
Space for selection

One more question is there anything special on openbox ??
Some YouTube r said arch user used openbox…i love gnome ,or kde

Nope. Arch/ArchLabs is all about choices. You choose what to install & what to run. If you want to learn openbox, you’re in the right place. There’re a few guys here who are among the best in terms of openbox dev/config.


There is no actual ArchLabs installation guide. The ArchLabs installer is pretty intuitive and user friendly (so the guide is pretty much built in). Just take our time and read each screen.

For wireless, you may want to connect to your network before install.


See this one… another problem