Gui not opening after booting to archlabs

I installed openbox desktop environment and bash shell… but not opening graphical interface.



Did you install a login manager like lightdm?

Did you select “no” for the auto log in option during the install?


Maybe no

You will need to install sudo and the xorg-xinit package and maybe create a ~/.xinitrc file (you may have an .xinitrc file already).


You installed a Debian distro?

If you’re migrating from a Debian distro, ArchLabs (Arch) uses pacman as the package manager.

Sorry i dont know anything about arch… 1st use

Have a look in there @Sifat . Might help you a bit. Those are the Arch commands .

I am giving internet with my android tethering

I think i selected wrong keyboard layout cant type"~" one… i think it is better to reinstall but what did i mistake on the installation


Hi, have you updated your system yet?
sudo pacman -Syu
then reboot

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You might not have any repository in there @Sifat

Ouch, you didn’t install everything required. I would do a fresh install as this is a new install, it would be quicker. :wink:


:cry::cry::cry:then leave it, if i reinstall that will better, just tell me what i did misstack on last installation

Where I can find proper guide

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There is likely a guide but I have been using Arch and Arch base OS for many years and never needed a guide. Maybe one of the good folks here can point you to the guide for ArchLabs.
@altman @PackRat

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@Sifat, welcome to Archlabs. Since you’re new to Archlabs, this video may help your installation.


Thanks for support ,zsh vs bash what is the main difference… i think debian always use bash , so, I will feel more comfortable with bash

There both good but I found bash to be a little quicker.


Use whatever you feel comfortable with.

bash vs zsh

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