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GTK launcher for sway & other WMs / DEs


This project is an attempt to create a launcher, that behaves decently on sway, but also on other WMs / DEs. For what I managed to test so far, see the Compatibility chart.


  • .desktop entries-based system menu;
  • search box to find what you need quickly;
  • favourites (most frequently used entries) menu above (optional [-f | -fn FN] argument);
  • user-defined menu below (optional [-a | -af AF] argument).


Top work again @nwg

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That is most excellent @nwg.

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Main categories (but not yet submenu entries) now have translated names. Also category icons added.

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Thx for the update, getting there @nwg

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Alright, all the menu localized. Looks not bad in Russian. :smiley:


Top work again @nwg . You never stop ! lol

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My menu in Arc-Dark GTK theme. English forced with the -l en argument.

I’ve added a possibility to append user-definable items to the menu. May serve e.g. as the exit menu items. A simple ~/.config/sway-gtk-menu/appendix file uses json format.

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Nice improvement @nwg

I’ve just added the Search box. The fields name and exec from .desktop entries are being searched on the fly.

Looks better in the video:


Top job again @nwg .

Nice video !

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Thanks! It seems I’ll say goodbye to wofi very soon. :slight_smile:

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Yep , you gotta take a break one day @nwg ! lol

Time for Netflix? Well, there’re two movies I’m going to watch.

Have a great one !

Phew… Just added a workaround to the sway / GTK issue, which prevents overflowed menus from scrolling. 40 SLOC, tricky as hell. I wonder if upcoming sway 1.3 resolves the problem. It’s in rc2 at the moment.

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Some more pimping in there @nwg Nice

Added a cache file to track launching programs. Most frequently used may be optionally prepended to the menu:


Top again @nwg

All the latest changes merged into master and released. Available for testing as the sgtk-menu AUR package.

The menu should work as well on sway, as on i3 window manager.

Code clearance done, added more comments. Also some minor changes to arguments and help. In the picture below shown with Clearlooks GTK theme and Aqatix icons.