Gsimplecal time set

I have the tint 2 panel with gsimplecal for clock and calendar. The clock is running about 2 minutes behind UTC. I cannot find instructions to reset it.

You may have to use timeddatectl, check the Arch Wiki.


May need to sync your system time to a time server. Check ntp or chrony.

Thanks for the tips. I found this solution on Stack Exchange and it worked - gsimplecal is now showing UTC. I ran these two commands:

timedatectl set-ntp true


systemctl restart systemd-timesyncd

which resulted in this:

[drew@archlabs-drew ~]$ timedatectl
               Local time: Fri 2022-02-04 10:38:47 PST
           Universal time: Fri 2022-02-04 18:38:47 UTC
                 RTC time: Fri 2022-02-04 18:38:47
                Time zone: America/Vancouver (PST, -0800)
System clock synchronized: yes
              NTP service: active
          RTC in local TZ: no
[drew@archlabs-drew ~]$

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