Grüetzi from Switzerland

Hi peoples!
I’m a Swiss student in Mathematics, in my “spare” time I like reading, coding and building amateur rockets with friends.
I first fell in love with the linux environment back in 2011, when I seriously started to write some code.
When i felt confortable enough to try the Arch way, I did a clean Arch linux install, but it rapidly started to become too lengthy of a chore to maintain it/making it work. With a bit of a regret I came back to osX (mainly for studies related reasons), but it still was an interesting thing to do.
Then I heard of Archlab and I wanted to try it. It’s great. I mean really great. Kudos for the work on the slick looking interface out of the box!
All in all, I still consider myself as a linux noob but hell, this distro brought me back to Arch(-ish?) and i’m looking forward thinkering with it!


Welcome aboard ! Nice bunch in here.

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Greetings @Ysengrin and welcome. Mathematics? Good for you man, we need more of you! It’s probably good for everyone to install the ‘Arch way’ (whatever that truly means and quite honestly, I think it’s an unfortunate pain in the ass) at least once but with a distro like this, who needs it? :grin:

Have fun!

Welcome friend!

Welcome here.

Welcome to ArchLabs!

Thank you guys! The folks around here are indeed very friendly !
@anon37345411 you summed it up perfectly :wink:

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Welcome for sure… I would love to see some video of amateur rocket launches.

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Welcome! Good to see some new faces here!

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@Ysengrin welcome to the forum, sorry I have been away the last couple of weeks. Have fun

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