GRUB with a theme


If you have severals system on your hard disk, you have to use GRUB. I share my grub configuration from deepin OS, but i changed some parameters. I did a wallpaper for the community.
I tried to explained the process in english in the README file! Sorry for the French!


Wow man, that’s actually really nice!

I’d prefer tho if the text was not yellow, but in the current AL logo colour. But generally I like the feels!


You can change the text color in the file …/archlabs/theme.txt, here:

item_color = “#f4f25f” --> color of the text
selected_item_color = “#e913f6” --> color for the selected text


Very cool, thank you for sharing.


I enjoied making another grub theme, it’s HERE!


Again, thank you for sharing.


Wondering, when modifying the grub theme, is it risky to change the font ? (for exemple terminus)