French student, coming from Fedora, i wanted to try a little more arch based distribution before eventually making the big jump.
So far everything running smoothly, changed WM for i3, really nice work of the dev theme !

I’ll have a few questions about theming, since i’ve encountered some unexpected behaviors while trying to change polybar and overall colors-scheme.

Waiting for your (eventual) questions =)


Hello and welcome.

Feel free to post your questions :slight_smile: Just have a search before you do as they may have already been asked and solved.


You will not regret it, it will be a great experience!


Welcome here. A new french… AL in the world !!!

Thanks people !

I’ve just discovered the .XRessource file, so I guess i’m gonna try some modification there before coming back here.
Just wondering, i tried to set up an underline for polybar and color it in blue, but the render was red. I’m sure the color I picked is right, got it from my previous config. Is it anyhow related ?

I’ve had from time to time a bluetooth logo on the bottom left, any way to get rid of it ?

edit : also, i noticed that i always boot on a weird workspace, labelled 1, i just have to go to my own 1 (labelled “I” ) and it disapears (and i can’t reach him anyhow after). any fix ?
edit2: when i use the application launcher (through the mod/ windows character, i guess it’s rofi ?) the keyboard is english and isn’t french whereas my daily use keyboard is french (this works perfectly fine and the only noticable breaking case is this one).

Thanks !

Do you have a bluetooth app installed? If you do just uninstall and goodbye bluetooth logo.