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Hey there, everybody!

Found out about you all through Erik’s personal website for tutorials and guides based heavily around Arch and Arch based distros. I’ve been around a block or two with some Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Antergos, and have had an opportunity to explore ArchLabs, which in my opinion, is truly amazing and beautifully minimalistic.

It’s okay to say this is even more beautiful than even eOS, right? haha.

Anyways, I’m Xen (or Kevin), whichever you prefer. Nowhere near a linux pro, but the journey has been fun and worthwhile. Let’s see… some of my interests involve gaming, nature, anime, comics, and MUSIC. Yeah, I noticed a few metalheads and headbangers here. \m/

Please mistreat me kindly.


Hey welcome to ArchLabs fellow Metalhead \m/

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I feel like you were waiting on that. lol

LOL to an extent I was :slight_smile:

For some reason ArchLabs seems to attract MetalHeads. Not only do we have good taste in music we also have great taste in distros. :smiley: :metal:

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Be very welcome Xen!
Rock and CLI is all about, it can be Punk or Hardcore, it depends on the point of view! hahaha :joy:

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Thanks for the welcome, fellas. It’s very appreciated. Hopefully you all can tolerate some noobishness that will probably pop up in the future. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Hello Xen, if they can tolerate me, there’s no limit…
I promise I will no mistreat you.
Not today…


Welcome here I like AL and I play blues and jazz guitar !!!

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