Greetings from spain


For me, ArchLabs is an example of beauty achieved with a great job. I use AL on my machines without problems. If I have had any problems, with the community’s documentation I have been able to solve them. At the same time, I’m still learning with you.


Welcome to you too.
Here you will get well, I assure you.


@Negata Greetings from the US and welcome to our community.


Welcome from Canada.


Good point, it is well documented. I found this great community here in the forum, but many times I’ve found the answers I need in documentation.


Welcome to the forum @Negata. Hope you enjoy this great forum. If you have solutions or ideas then please share. And if have any questions there are great people with big skills. From US.


Welcome on board @Negata


Welcome to ArchLabs


Be very welcome!
ArchLabs has a strong identity and personality, it already has its own universe, it is not for many, nor is it for the few! :sunglasses: :muscle::facepunch::facepunch::facepunch::+1:


Welcome to the gang!


We are a few spaniards here… :slight_smile:
Where are you located?.
And yes, I agree. AL is a powerful and nice distro, very useful.


Hi @jesito! Thanks! I’m living in Cuenca, And you?. I do not care if you write me a PM.

Un abrazo