Greetings from Silicon Valley

Hey folks, some of you may remember me from the #! days, some from the BunsenLabs days. I currently have ArchLabs installed on bare metal (i.e., not in a VM or anything) on my primary rig that I use at home.

I’ve been an on-and-off Arch user and decided to quit neglecting my linux hard drive…some recent work in Node.js inspired a move back to a proper dev environment, in spite of the WSL functionality in Windows, it…still just isn’t quite where I need it to be.

So here I am! I expect once some work things slow down in the next several weeks I’ll make an effort to contribute here. Hope all is well with everyone, thanks! \m/ \m/


Hello @cloverskull, good to see you again :slight_smile:

Welcome @cloverskull , been on #! also currently on BL also.

Baremetal on my end also.

Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the forum; enjoy the distro.

HI, from italy.

I remember you from #! days. Welcome.

Hey Dobbie03, actually, the very thing that caused me to look at ArchLabs is that I was trying to get a Debian based distro working recently and running into a handful of minor issues but also was listening to music on my TV and was listening to nekrogoblikon and I remembered that there was a #!/Bunsen inspired Arch flavor created by a metal head. :slight_smile: So here I am!

I also for a time used a barebones Arch build with Plasma but it just doesn’t have the same mojo…

Welcome again then Fellow Metalhead. :metal:

This will be the name of my next dog.


Welcome @cloverskull