Greetings from Norway

Hello, guys! Linux newbie here.

Im kinda new to linux, and i`m just getting into things. Privacy reasons is what got me interested in Linux. Tried severeal distros before i landed on Archlabs.

The first thing i actually did was a fresh Arch install with xfce, and that worked pretty good. Although i had a hard time understanding how to change settings and looks/themes. The install reminded me of the old days of ms-dos. So went pretty smooth.

Started watching some youtube videoes on linux, and fell in love with tiling window managers. After trying Arch with i3, and manjaro i3 i finnaly landed on Archlabs. Also looked at mint, ubuntu and mx.

Archlabs is beautifull out of the box, looks awesome and im done looking for a distro.


Welcome aboard from Canada, hope that you ll enjoy AL as well as the forum.

Loads of stuff to read.

Thanks, i am really enjoying it. Just installed yay via git, and then Spotify. So then that gate opened up, the speed compared to my old win10 install is absurd :slight_smile:

lol, yep, much faster right ! & updates don t take days (so to speak) as well .

Hello @badkarma , How’s Norway this time of the year? Welcome to Archlabs, see you around!


Welcome @badkarma!

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Thank you, thank you very much :grinning:

Welcome aboard @badkarma. Hope you will also like this forum and the people on it is very helpful. Also, there’s no bad karma here! :smiley:

Thank you, yeah getting warmer by the day.

Yeah “badkarma” old nick from back in the day, when lan parties and 486 pentium were a thing.


thx :slight_smile:

thank you, lol guess im just spamming now :slight_smile: ill stop, hehe

Welcome! From New Zealand!

thanks mate.

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Welcome to the gang!

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Norway kicks ass! Welcome @badkarma

nice introduction too!

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You’ve come to the right place: almost everyone here is privacy obsessed concerned (excluding myself). Welcome aboard.

Thanks again for the warm welcome guys .

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