Greetings again From Venezuela

I’m not new here, but I kind of enjoy this distro a lot. Since it began I though it was an excellent Idea and I wonder If we can add the translate to other languages beside english to ease the transition. But as my first desire to contribute in a Distro I quite find hard in how to do it. I hope you can help me with that. I can share my config files with the translate to Spanish from most of the menu and so on!:relaxed:


Welcome! happy to meet you. I am sure one of the Team members will be able to help point you in the right direction for translations.

On a side note, you may be able to help by just doing translations for openbox, i3, polybar, tint2 or other pieces of the project.


I can do that. I Always do that when I install openbox anyway but I never used i3 before. I translated some parts of the scripts on the bin folder. I still need practice. Most of the code of the archlabs’ scripts are like another worldly language to me.

If you want to translate the commentaries inside the config file I can do that too. I mostly use obmenu-generator but still some of the code of the normal menu works the same way so I can translate it .

I made a theme too. I changed the blue one for another colour (a yellow theme). I think I can make more themes. I would like to learn how to change the colour of the icons theme folder But I don’t have the knowledge to do that yet.

I know the hard work that leads to make a proper themes in a distro and I’m leaning Graphic Design so it would be a interesting way of learning about it.

I will post my desktop Eventually in the proper thread, if you like what you see, you know where to find me!:blush:


Hi @Jolt2bolt, I think you can go ahead and translate if you want, as long as it is within the proper forums. We don’t have special forums for different languages, but say you do something that is for polybar, than please let be under polybar’s forum. Of course only those who speak Espanol will be able to understand espanol.

Welcome @Jolt2bolt!

We have had people offer to translate but I have no idea where to start.

This is what Martin over at Ubuntu-MATE uses… not sure how it integrates, but he is one of the friendliest and helpful people I know. He may be willing to give some guidance.

Oops I misread @Jolt2bolt post wrong. Is he actually asking for AL in Spanish, where he would be able to help build AL for those who speak Spanish? Hmmm…

Thanks for the heads up, will look into it.

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@sevenday4, @Dobbie03. Yeah, I’m offering my help into translate most of the apps to Spanish, for Spanish users and that might be a good option to gain more Users.

I can offer for example the pacli program file (after all this is a bash script) translated completely in Spanish. I think you might work the installer so they choose what program file to install depending on what language the user choose, Like if it’s english, install the english version and so on.

Still, I find pretty interesting to post that on a forum thread but what thread would be the most appropriate for that?

I translated the scripts in the bin folder of archlabs. I can share that! :slight_smile:


That’s a very good question @Jolt2bolt. For we have those like you who speak Spanish, and we have individuals who speak French. And if memory serves me correctly, I do believe we have someone who visits this forum who speaks Russian. Making another forum where individuals can make known their needs for their particular language wouldn’t be a problem. But, how do we call it, especially if you have to deal with those who are not bilingual and technical issues have to be solved. Also, do we do it for each language. Because I think it would be great if there is no language barrier for the user. That anyone could use AL regardless of language would be awesome. We may all have to come up with a strategy as to how to start this. My Spanish is so rusty, I think you would find it in a wrecking yard. Se habla el espanol muy piquito. And that’s probably all screwed up. :roll_eyes:

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Well, It’s a achievement you know a little of Spanish. The correct way to say that is “Sé un poco de Español”. : :yum:

Anyway, we can make the installer to change the language of some components, specially the ones that are mainly scripts and workarounds (Like pacli, rofi, obmenu, dust, networkmanager_dmenu, openbox’s pipemenus, etc…). we can have any of that component in any of the language we want to put because they basically don’t have large size and make the installer choose what version to install according to the user’s choice.


Lol, I told you my Spanish was rusty. You probably had a good laugh. I was trying to say I speak very little Spanish. Auuugh!:rofl: hmmm, wondering if possible to use git? I want to invite someone to this discussion who had a major part in building AL. What I’m thinking is using git clone, which has a script that will then install the main scripts and work arounds you mentioned. This way it keeps the footprint small on the individual’s system. I’m just brainstorming at the moment. But, like I said involving this individual who had a big part in building of this distro will be extremely helpful.

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Hey @Dobbie03, I was trying to invite @nate but this system keeps saying that I couldn’t because either he is invited or he isn’t in our system. Now I Know that the latter isn’t right. But I think he may have some ideas on this.

I think a mention should be enough to get his attention, though let me see if I can do it.

EDIT: @sevenday4, worked okay here. Invite sent.

Thanks, I guess doing all of this on my slapsung may not be a good idea!

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I’m grateful you heard my proposal. I’ll have all the scripts in a folder and the path where the must go in a text file.

But if you’re going to use git then I recommend you to make it the reposity have all posible languages. Of course, we will begin with spanish. I read in the forum tha some guys translated some parts to french and german. We should include them too!

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I am thinking that each language perhaps will have there own path with the main trunk being apps international languages, perhaps? Yes I am in agreement, that all languages should be at all possible be included. Hopefully others will step forward to help translate for their corresponding languages. As I said earlier, not everyone is bilingual. One time, some how believe it or not, I installed a distro in Spanish. I can read enough Spanish to get a little understanding. But, it was slow and cumbersome and my keyboard is us-EN. So, I can understand what it must be like for those who speak and read another language other than English. And if their keyboard is for their language, what a mess!

In my case a spanish keyboard is not bothersome because we have extra keys that english don’t use. The only problem i had was with program intended or configured by being use by us layout.

@sevenday4, you can fix the problem of writing in espanish using the variant “altgr-intl” of the “us” layout. I began to use that when I write code! ;D

About the path, that sounds great!

SO for example, it could be somthing like this?

/es /home/config

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@sevenday4 and @Jolt2bolt, are you guys okay to start a dedicated thread on this rather than continue here? Makes it easier for people to find and contribute :slight_smile:

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@Dobbie03, can you recommend us a thread to post this? I don’t where to put it…

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