Greeting World!

Hi every one
I am Louis aka Kreaum (the pronuncitation is like crom from conan) from France.

I’m a newbie linux user, I start this year linux for my studies of computer science in France with ubuntu, a debian raspberry and a little bit open suse (how install linux, how configure and create a data server) (I use all of these distro in classroom) .

Like for the futur it’s possible I will work on linux computer, I decided to have a computer with linux only. During two week, I use ubuntu (to learn how use the commande line). A friend tell me if I really wanna learn linux, I could use arch linux even if isn’t newbie friendy, so I try arch linux during two weeks and I like it but during these weeks, I had some problems with my wireless may be caused by an error of installation and my research of solutions (wiki, youtube tuto, guide) wasn’t usefull to resolve it.
So I search an arch linux like but easy of installation and I found archlabs.
Easy of installation and creation, he seduce me and now I here, writting my little linux journey :laughing:

Like a lot of people on this forum, I like metal (power/folk mainly) but also rap and reagge.

Hope you could help (very probable) and I could help you (now, I don’t think it’s probable :sweat_smile: )
See you soon

PS: Sorry for this big introduction and the probable syntax errors :laughing:


Welcome aboard mate !

Welcome @Kreaum you will have quite a lot to learn, but also lots of support, lots of fun and a great bunch of friendly people (some days myself included!!!). See you around

Welcome to you by an another frenchy…

The French connection !

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Borsalino’s friends

That’t a great introduction. You should enjoy the fourms as much as you will ArchLabs. I do. Thanks for sharing.


Welcome friend!

Hello @Kreaum and welcome to the AL forum. We all learn from each other, and who knows, you may contribute more than you think. We are always learning about linux. Whether it’s your first day or years of experience, there’s always something to learn. Hope you are successful in your studies.

Thanks all for your welcome.

No problem mate.