Greeting fellow archlabs users

Hello there, I’m Alex AKA Zortex, I came here due to a archlabs issue i was having which was soon resolved (Thanks everyone), I wouldn’t consider myself a big Linux expert but i have used it a lot in the past, I’ve used windows the past few years, I’ve always wanted to permanently move to Linux but I’ve usually not been able to due to some of the software i commonly use doesn’t have a Linux release, But then windows forced another update on me and it kinda bricked my windows so here i am, And i’m here to stay.

A few things about me; I enjoy reading and coding, I would consider myself knowledgeable in Lua, PHP, C, C++, C#, Python, Java, I also enjoy spending time with my friends playing games like Quake (Usually Quake 3 Arena), Doom, And other similar games

I usually spend most of my time playing games like Deathmatch classic with bots, or chatting with friends over discord.

I’m quite new to using arch, as in the past I’ve primarily used distro’s like CentOS, Slackware & Debian, But I’m always open to learning new things.

  • Alex (Zortex)

Hello @Zortex / Alex and welcome to the forum.

Welcome aboard @Zortex

Welcome @Zortex!

Yo Alex! Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Welcome. I’m new to Archlabs meself. I enjoy it a lot, I hope you find the same pleasure I do in running it.

Welcome. I’m sure you’ll find Arch a step above Linux distros and Archlabs above common linux variations. :slight_smile:
You’ll like the forums also. Everyone’s very nice and helpful.

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