Greatest rock tune of all time!


I m more of a bass player, own a guitar but I don t consider myself a guitarist. Thx @anon37345411

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You’re probably more qualified to start that thread @altman. I didn’t do such a hot job on this one… It was more like starting World War 3 in my underwear :joy:

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lol, about the underwears !

Guess you re more qualified on that one concerning threads.

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I think @popeye is a semi-pro guitar player, jazz player I believe…
He could start the thread, whenever is done celebrating the World Cup victory…:fr:

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They might celebrate for a while ! lol



I like so many Classic Rock songs, can t choose.





After a hard days work, my well deserved neighbour bothering to cope my loan esnlavement existance with such a beautiful sound is obligatory from time to time! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Good one, never heard that version, Thx @pippo

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