Greatest rock tune of all time!



Who can t remember that one.Heard it so many times I can t count it.


Not the greatest rock song, but probably the greatest guitar riff (when it kicks in at 0:32). I love the fact that Mark Knopfler is known to play without a pick…


@sharkytowers, Knopfler has to be ranked as one of the greatest guitarists of all time. To put it succinctly, few come close. Nice choice man!


@anon37345411 & @sharkytowers

Yep, great musician.


Cannot argue with any choices, but this makes me want to hear Fat Bottomed Girls. So i will. NOW.


@anon37345411, @sharkytowers & @altman they say this other English guy can put a couple of notes together too:


@pippo, lol, a funny one !

Yep, very good indeed.


That he can! :slight_smile:


We could not possibly forget to mention him


Because I forgot ! lol


I love M. Knopfler, but David Gilmour has been in my soul since I can remember



Yep, heard much more Pink Floyd than some Dire Strait, which I also love.


Yeah, mine too :slight_smile:

Vastly different playing styles though.



This is so true about their respective guitar styles.


We should start a guitarists appreciation post: that would be some battlefield!
But we are peaceful being, aren’t we?



Yep, another endless thing.


@pippo Not a bad idea. @altman’s a bass and guitar player, bet he’d love to chime in on that one!


Id’ love it too


Thought about jimmi when making this thread. Yep, he’d be somewhere at the top of my list.



You can start a thread about guitarists as well, might be interesting , about rock guitarists !