Greatest rock tune of all time!


Not Band or even album… Tune.

Obviously subjective but thought a lot about this, my vote would be…

Fat Bottomed Girls --Queen


Just selecting this gem of a beast because it just gets my motor revving, plain and simple.

Come and Get It ~ Judas Priest


La Grange – Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top)


I will not choose a song but a band!
Of ante of so much material and so many remarkable songs and bands also this is a cowardly question … hahaha :joy::joy:

I stay with the most universal band on the planet that pleases the old and the young without distinction!

I listen to everything a little…


Immigrant Song, need I say more?


My pick:


That’s another masterpiece.


All great choices in there fellas.

I like so many Classic Rock songs, can t choose.


The Osmonds — Crazy Horses

Or maybe Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen.


I don’t think it’s exist A greatest rock tune but many greatest rock tunes and in my opinion this is a great rock song.


If we’re talking classic rock I vote:



These are all really good choices. I suppose I if I could ask the question over and in a better way, it would be "Most iconic Rock tune ever and for it to be iconic, it needs to be so not only during it’s own era but iconic over time. It was poorly asked. It wasn’t what you liked best but rather, what rock tune has stood the test of time and has done so with succeeding generations.

Unfortunately, framed in such a way nearly eliminates more recent tunes but perhaps in time, they’ll get their shot too :slight_smile: Originally, I was nearly lock-step with @Dobbie03 & @natemaia, only a different tune --Stairway To Heaven but after discussing it with our guests and neighbors during the 4th, I became (reluctantly) convinced by others, Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls has really stood the test of time.


There is nothing wrong with your question, it is perfect, is that so, different heads and thoughts, different tastes and music’s too …

But it is very difficult to choose !! :joy::joy::joy:
If the guy just likes a band or just a style he goes crazy !! :roll_eyes::smirk::expressionless::grin::stuck_out_tongue::crazy_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: hahaha…


So true in there.


Good music does not lack, we can go from one end to the other without losing focus! :sunglasses:


Actually, there were many Stones tunes that I considered. Man, love the Stones! :grin:


My pick was kinda ‘dishonest’ to the topictitle, and kinda agree with @anon37345411 's change/refinement, but I also agree with with response.

My pick was also kind of a cheat; for me, there’s no single greatest rocktune of all time: it’s more like an ever growing list with no fixed positions and even the (very) ocasional removal of a track (or even an artist). Chuck Berry’s studio recording was just a random pick, it could’ve easily been a completely different artist/song :slight_smile:


@pitje Your pick was a good one. For what ever reason, we didn’t even think of Chuck Berry the other night. I thought of Little Richard and Ritchie Valens (both iconic artists imo) but you’re right, in the end it’s very subjective.


2 foot taps, 1 clap…anyone who is remotely into listening rock would identify this track quite easily.