Got A New Antec Mid Tower (Slow Buildup Thread)


Yep, Thx for the reminder, appreciated @sevenday4 .

#22 Thx, That s cool in there ! Never saw much of these installs, not where I am basically.


It facilitates maintenance. :joy:


lol, you bet


Now that’s my dream machine! :joy:


Yes, it is certainly an interesting project, my workbench was more modest, in the image it is a “little monster” haha …

I think it’s possible to open GPicview without lags… :joy::joy::rofl::rofl::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:




My stomach hurts from laughing! Stop it! :joy::rofl::joy:
One has to wonder, how many individuals has spilled their drinks on one of those. Man, if had something like that, I would have a sign on the door saying "absolutely NO drinks allowed in this room! Violators will be shot on sight! " Man, that must be a nightmare.


lol, you bet no drinks in there !


Hmmm … you can do this
Option 1
Apply Ornaments
And as a courtesy some of this under the rug should help …
(About 3 or 4 is fine … I just …)
never again you will hear talk in drink or hangover … near your pc. :ok_hand:


Have faith!! :pray::pray:


I’m sure there has been many, many sleepless nights. :sweat_smile: I think would be afraid to sneeze around that thing, worrying about spitting on it and end up with the thing short circuiting on me. Yeah, you must really have faith that that thing will survive another day. :sweat_smile:




Talk about guarding your prized machine! :joy::rofl::joy:
You may want add some of these in case the other hints doesn’t work:


The important thing is to be “efficient”


Make that VERY efficient! :joy:
While we’re at it, just in case someone doesn’t get all the hints:
Personal computer protection
I think one of these will keep anyone out! :joy:


lol, Don t touch my pc !


@sevenday4 @altman
Hahahaha… It works!


lol, you bet ! When it s needed right !


A thought just came to me. What if you were in an a area that is very hot. What do you do to keep the computer cool? Do you stand in front of it blow on it? :sweat_smile: