Got A New Antec Mid Tower (Slow Buildup Thread)

As tittle states I got myself an new Antec P100 tower, guess they re not built the same as the older p180 were that a friend of mine had, looks way lighter to me, but it s been years ago.

Edit: It will be a long term project here. Had to start somewhere lol.


Good work!

We need progress photos

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Thx. Might if I can post pix from iPad or whatever.

Guess the 1st thing to do will be to remove the el cheapo fans from there & get some quality ones.

Nice! @altman. More pics!!

. Will need someone to take pix for me, wonder when ! lolThx @philT

Happy for you mate. I have ten yr old Dell a laptop an 8yr old custom desktop. Am looking to upgrade to as ssd but the prices here as re stoopid.

You bet, but desktops are easy to mod, compared to lappies whit the limited space available, It s my 1st desktop in the works.

Nice job @altman . It’s even liquid cooled from the looks of it.

Thanks @altman, can’t wait for you to finish my new toy, and its not even my birthday! :wink:

lol, bad boy ! @anon2716996

@sevenday4 , yep, it can have some, but now it s empty.

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Nice. I have a 3 year old build sitting here that my wife and I share. She has a chromebook for work and I have a 9 year old laptop, but the desktop is our workhorse. I’m curious just how “silent” the case is. I wish mine was more quiet for my podcasting, but I don’t know that I really believe that they can make “silent” cases. I think I’m better off putting some acoustic panels or egg crate foam on the wall behind my desktop.

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Thx .Wonder about it also, but I wont mind much if a bit noisy, we ll see @sikkdays .

So, wait, is this a computer that is already built. Or are saying the cooling system is not filled?

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Yep, the towern s empty, nothing has been done to it, still in box @sevenday4 .

Loads of stuff to buy & install or to have them installed.

The thing for now is to get some components for the build, so it might take time as I haven t been for the last 5 years or so due to lower back & shoulders issues.

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So, you’re building your computer from scratch! Sorry @anon2716996, @altman is building it for me!:joy: joking of course. What motherboard are you going to use?


Lol, @sevenday4.

No idea for now, gotta buy the fans 1st, then the PSU depending on what Mobo & GPU I plan to get then go from there

Edit: pretty sure it will have an Intel inside & as well as an Asus Mobo also, & will go from there I guess.

Remember @altman, to get the components like RAM that will be the right configuration for the motherboard. Such as DD3,DD4,and so forth. And make sure you get the right CPU for that motherboard. I want my…hmm I mean your computer to work its best. :wink:

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I do not know in other regions but the Latin people like to set up the PC on benches, I even had a similar one (I sold it), this is common here, sometimes they make at home in acrylic or steel plate, wood, the image shows a example home made, the boy only paid to cut and turn the steel / iron plate.

They also make adaptations, the example GPU uses the casing of a model but inside is another board, they seek to improve the cooling anyway.
It is well crafted

@altman I liked the beginning of your project, congratulations!!

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