Google to delete inactive accounts

Google to delete inactive accounts for security reasons:

I get why they’re doing this. But there are probably some interesting YouTube videos that people (like bands) have made over the years that will be lost. Tossing some good stuff along with the junk.


Thx for sharing @PackRat

No issue on my end here .


I remembered after I made the original post that the original South Park episodes were posted to YouTube. I’m sure South Park Studios has their original content, but it will be a shame if those are tossed because the YouTube account is inactive.

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Maybe they need to add another matrix. Inactive accounts that fall below a minimum threshold of active viewers.


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Thanks, good to know. I have deGoogled myself quite a lot but think I still have to check out one more thing now so thanks for the reminder.

This seems like a logical solution to me as well, silly to throw away views and interactivity from there end too.


I signed a “digital will” on Google years ago. If I don’t log in for 3 months, my wife will receive a notification and temporary access to my data. Then the account will be deleted.

I wonder if it s still in effect with all the changes google have done since then.

Every several months they send me “Reminder: Inactive Accounts Manager”.

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