Going back to AL forum

I have an issue that happens to me pretty regular. I will click a link that makes me leave the forums and when I hit the back button I can’t get back in. I can even click my bookmark in that tab and it won’t load the forums. What I end up having to do is close the tab, open a new one and then everything is fine again.

My current fix is to be mindful to open all links in another tab so I don’t leave the forum…but I thought y’all should be aware.

Just wondering if that is more of a browser specific issue? Have you tried with other browsers?

Well I just tried a couple times in Vivaldi and no issue, it happens in firefox… odd

Maybe try deleting your FF profile and try again. Back up first :smiley:

I can confirm i had a similar problem when I changed to the new version of Firefox and I solved it deleting the cache files saved in my home and problem solved


Scroll wheel, in some cases it helps not to lose patience… :joy:

@TimApple, did @Jolt2bolt suggestion fix your issue?

No it hasn’t, I use Vivaldi more than firefox anyway…

Might be worth checking out if the next version of Firefox fixes your issue. Just one request, could you try installing FIrefox Nightly or Developer and see if this persists across the different versions?

Will try shortly

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