I noticed that the latest version of gnucash (3.3) was not added to the repository. Version 3.2 was added shortly after release. So I tried to build 3.3 myself. Apparently libdbi and/or libdbi-drivers do not do whatever is needed by 3.3 even though 3.2 was happy with them. I guess that explains why the upgrade is not available. I assume this problem flows back to arch, not just archlabs. Is this type of problem something that arch usually resolves? It’s the first time this has happened to me with archlabs. I have no idea what changed in gnucash to cause this apparent incompatibility. Otherwise, after several months of use, I am very impressed with archlabs.

You are correct, it does indeed flow upstream :smiley:
You’ll just have to wait for the update to come through from the official channels.

I am using Gnucash as well… yeah I had the same issue as yours so I reverted back to v3.2… Not really read the changes between 3.3 and 3.2… but I am happy with 3.2 works just fine for me

OK, Thanks punksinatra - at least it’s not just me. I always worry that I’m making some simple mistake. I’ll just have to wait.