Gnome 40 available in Arch repo now

In case you’re interested. gnome is getting better with each release.

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I’m still looking at DEs here and there but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to a DE from a WM.


I agree - moving away from a WM is pretty difficult for me too. If I HAD to, I think it would be Cinnamon.

I’m not a DE person either, although I have GNOME installed on AL. I am still getting my fingers wet into 40, it’s pretty quick, RAM usage with Firefox open is less than a gig, I think it’s around the same as XFCE4 or Plasma, and there is no sidepanels of desktops anymore, you can scroll through desktops using the mouse wheel. Where it works is with a touchscreen, you can tap and swipe around it pretty easily.

RAM usage with only htop open:

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GNOME 40 is fantastic, I’ve been using it for a week or so now and I really like it. The new desktop switching is much more intuitive and the new applications are nice, I particularly like the new Weather GUI.

It is a memory hog compared to something like sway but I’ve got 16GiB to burn so I couldn’t care less about that and anyway Firefox still has that awful memory leak that causes it to consume over 2GiB after a few hours use. Compared to that GNOME is very frugal.


That’s the word I have for gnome 40. It certainly consumes more memory than most WMs. As long is it doesn’t leak memory like before, I am OK with it. The only complaint I have is their decision to move extension manager to flatpak.


Yup, Cinnamon was my first choice coming to Linux, and I still like it. Migrating from Mint I had Manjaro with Cinnamon which I loved :crazy_face:, then Arch base where again I installed Cinnamon until I came to AL and started using WMs(well I’m stuck with Openbox which I love allot and DK for when I’m in the mood for auto-tilling).
I never liked Gnome but with changes they did lately it does look really good and feels fast and easy to use but forcing flatpacks onto users its not nice. I always kept away from snap/flatpack, even appimages I used only once to quickly test some app that wasn’t available somewhere else. Even all the electron apps I had in the beginning are all now replaced with similar apps but much lighter.


Why did I read this thread? Now I have to test it! :stuck_out_tongue:


No idea if v3.38 did this but the notification area shows the current song:


Nice :slight_smile:

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