Global HiDPI Settings

Hi There
As the title suggests, is there a way to scale for HiDPI across the distro? would be a nice feature.
I’m trying to avoid getting into the .conf of every aspect. These days 4K displays are everywhere and it would be really cool if Archlabs could cater for this :wink:

for me, info found on does the trick

I’m on a macbook pro with retina, and while some apps refuse to play nice, overall it works fine for me :slight_smile:


Thanks mate
will look at that :slight_smile:

So are you changing the .xresources and GDK settings? I assume you are running the openbox wm?

What I did was put this in my .Xresources

Xft.dpi: 192

Then adjusted my fonts on everything to suit. I also had to add to Firefox the AutoHIDPI addon and adjust accordingly.


thanks mate, the Autohidpi is not availabl on quantum

nope :slight_smile:

I think I changed this in about:config


To 1.5…can’t quite remember now as I was sure I used the autoHIDPI addon…

I’m going to have to try this. I just end up doing into display settings on my laptop with a 4k screen and setting it to 1920 x 1080, rather than keep fighting with it. LoL.

I put up with 2560x1440 for a year until I got this right, wouldn’t change back for anything lol.

This Dell Ultrasharp also runs at 2560x1440 native resolution with AL in a Virtual(box) Machine, useful to be able to show two applications side by side. Took me a while to find out how to avoid blurry fonts in some Windows apps, otherwise yes, I wouldn’t change back either.

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