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I joined gitlab a little while ago and me being a newb has managed to create himself a personal website page, it is still in early stages, just want to get feedback here if possible. It should be responsive enough for tablets and smartphones, more suited to a laptop or larger screen but seems to display ok on my phone. Most of this was hacked together from w3 schools using the geany text editor.

What do you think?


Looks good to me !

Also like that you re using GitLab.

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@altman thanks for the feedback, i was a bit lost today making this with gitlab.

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Well , I can imagine, much better than me, can t do stuff like that !

@altman If you put your mind to it, you can do anything mate.

lol, yep, but I have not much use about these, but a good motivation none the less.

Wonder what s the language in there, can t read it, have to translate it somehow.

Also wonder if their s a bug somehow, Can t be translated with S3 on Chrome. Unless it s a test.


Google might be having troubles with that lorem ipsum. Its just paragraph filler for what might be there to get a look of how the page looks.

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Hey cool, wonder if it was on my end ! lol


@OP: awesome site, well done.

Much better than my rather pathetic effort: ← written in html using vim.


Thx @Head_on_a_Stick , saying that I learned a bit of Latin a 100 yrs back at school! lol
Your site looks good to me also

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Works flawlessly on my laptop, it seems quite responsive as well :slight_smile:

Pure css/html ?
Do you know if there is any way to use frameworks ? (nodejs or php mostly)

What do you want it to be in the end ?

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@Head_on_a_Stick thanks for that.

@gazeka74 Thanks for that. Just html/css and a tiny bit of js for the footer/date.
I dont know anything about nodejs or php sorry, i want to learn a bit of php to make site creation a bit more automated as i have read i can use php to repeat say the header, navbar and footer for other pages of the site, yet to learn this though.

Probably just a learning tool for now, maybe later a blog or portfolio.

Have a dark version coming along nicely…