GitHub Vs. GitLab

With the recent news that Microsoft have expressed interest in purchasing GitHub I thought I’d check out GitLab. What is your guys preference?

github is fast while gitlab offers free private repos. I use gitlab for codes of my papers I’m about to send to conference/journal. In most other cases I use github

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I just realised the private repo thing that GitLab has. I prefer that.

I use gitlab at work and its pretty good “most” of the time.

They have had some pretty rocky releases causing downtime on their end which in turn has not allowed us to auto scale properly when our main repo mirror on bitbucket is slightly out of date due to how we deploy our code.

other then that its an awesome platform and even has some free pipeline minutes per month.

I’m using GitHub because I set it all up before they decided to piss all over the GPL and I’m too lazy to change, sadly.

@Head_on_a_Stick, good thing it is easy to do :smiley:

Looks like it is official, MS is purchasing GitHub.

…and so the exodus to GitLab begins.

MS purchase of GitHub

Embrace extend and extinguish ? :smiley:

Some options in nixCraft -> 6 Github alternatives

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Tha’t what I am worried about.

@Dobbie03 @natemaia

Just saw this. Might be worth looking into.

Of course they could always follow the path of GH with another acquisition.

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Thx for sharing this link in there.@cog .

Void Linux may have regained control of their GitHub just in time.

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Bet your relieved! I set it up during the holidays for a few days. Great base system.

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A bit; from the all the chatter, I never got the impression the distro was going to bite the dust. Just an issue of how big a headache it would be to move everything over. I think their biggest concern was losing the domain name - that would have messed up their servers.

I still expect them to change the name as a legal CYA, but that’s no big deal.

They are going to stay on GitHub; from one of the devs:

VoidLinux uses travis extensively (for free) and they only support @github. Even the most expensive gitlab plan provides not enough build minutes. Selfhosting would be expensive and extra work, using GCE would coast over 1k a month.

The Linux Foundation’s Reaction <<-

Should the open source community be concerned? Probably not. Buying GitHub does not mean Microsoft has engaged in some sinister plot to “own” the more than 70 million open source projects on GitHub. Most of the important projects on GitHub are licensed under an open source license, which addresses intellectual property ownership. The trademark and other IP assets are often owned by a non-profit like The Linux Foundation. And let’s be quite clear – the hearts and minds of developers are not something one “buys” – they are something one “earns”.

Jim Zemlin
Executive Director at The Linux Foundation


Luckily I had FA on github.

I just deleted my account, so a new start!

Is gitlab the best option?

AL folk, where are you all putting your dotfiles now?

We are over at Bitbucket now. My personal repo is there too.


Going over there now too.


I think there are still legitimate concerns about the (free) access and the usability of GitHub once is acquired by MS.
Are we suppose to believe that they going to pay 7.5 billions USD just for the fun, Mr Zemlin?