Gimp - adding/creating a translucent coloration layer or image

Curious about how to create this effect in Gimp. In this screenshot:

the “Forums” button has a translucent coloration (button gets a text matching colour on focus-select). If it’s possible, what would be the proper filter to use in Gimp to get that effect? I sort of did it by creating a translucent image in Gimp and adding it as a layer in another, opaque, image. Before I continue to tinker and tweak that method, I was hoping there was a more elegant way to create it.

I’d like to duplicate the effect, because I think it would make some nice window/taskbar decorations for wm themes.

And FYI that site is great for wallpapers.

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That would be a nice effect and you can almost accomplish that with tint2 but would be nice for other purposes as well. Your method sounds like the approach I’d use, perhaps another will have a different way.

I suspect it’s one of the lighting filters, but will need some expertise for the filter and settings.

@Dobbie - I realize this is technically a help question, but I figure the solution will be a nice tip or HowTo for Gimp so I posted here. Feel free to move the thread if need be.

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No issues from me :smiley:

Perhaps we should have a separate post for how to use Gimp since individuals are making or improving wallpapers. A place where they can exchange ideas with those who are not well versed with Gimp as well as with those who are very proficient in its use. :thinking:

Good idea, new GIMP category here