Gimp 2.10 is officialy released, when will there be a package?

Pacman still wants to install 2.8 I hope there will be an update soon I thought arch was known for up to date packages, Windows users can already have 2.10 :frowning:

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After 6 years have not yet introduced the magnetic tabs or adjusted the focus of the text box … there are many app inferiror that has these functions…

And soon the update will come naturally.

Windows users download via the gimp website and so can you :wink:
or grab the dev/git version from the AUR. I run yaourt -S gimp-devel it takes a little while to compile but I haven’t had any other issues.

Don’t worry it’s only been three days, an update will be coming, give the maintainers time to package it, I maintain packages myself and it isn’t easy to keep up sometimes.


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When it is updated with Arch is when we will see it :slight_smile:

Yep, sorry it was a bit of a silly question as there is always some dependency that makes it more complicated. Just one of the frustrations of a linux user - older software than a windows user. I did try compiling but it didn’t work, also I didn’t try again as I want a package installed the normal way so that it updates. At the moment I am using an .Appimage and it works just a bit slow to startup.

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We will see 2.10 soon enough.

Arrived today, light update, only 19 MB

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Hahaha! missing an F5

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