Getting new changes from later archlab version

so yesterday i tried out the new archlabs from live usb and noticed all these nice changes, fixes and the new theme aswell…
can i archieve these settings on my old machines aswell or do i have to reinstall for it?

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A system upgrade on your existing systems should bring you up to date.

i do daylie updates…is there an “upgrade” method with pacman too?

No, I think your good.

Maybe, I’m wrong here; I thought I saw all the new themes and configurations come through with the upgrades. Have you checked for the new themes?

yep i did, maybee there is way to install the archlab packages with the configuration of the maintainer? and if so, wich packages are related to it?

On my AL 2018.07.28 install the themes or whatever don t update themselves with the newer ones, wonder if it s like that for everyone. I don t mind but for someone that wants it without reinstalling it might be an issue.

Found this from AL s Wiki , might help you in there:

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I’ve wondered about this as well. We get system upgrades just like any other Arch, but a lot of what makes Archlabs special is the dotfiles (themes and cofiguration). Upgrading packages (hopefully) won’t override the dotfiles in your home directory, but maybe they update the defaults somewhere in /etc/skel?

I’m not even sure how you would want to deal with this, as most people customize their dotfiles and merging in upstream would be very challenging.

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this looks interesting but the repo target doesnt exist anymore…so i failed at step 1 :frowning:

I think you’re correct; the files in /etc/skel get upgraded, but not /home/

If you’re just looking for a theme, dobbie03 usually provides a link.

Do you have GitLab repos already ! If so ignore the 1st step & see what it s doing.

Well looks like the repo wasn t changed to GitLab s one .Thx for stating it . Someone might change it .

We found materials in several places and this for those who are coming is a bit confused, the system is in Sourceforge, in Github there is still residues, Gitlab and Bitbucket appear as new alternatives and still have the forum the official website … is much information … hahaha… :joy:

I’ve seen this information, I hope the team can put it all together in one place, no matter what the site or location, it’s important to have everything concentrated, I think this makes it easier for everyone in general.

There should not be any more documentation on the Github or GitBook site. The organization for the ArchLabs Documentation has been removed. Bitbucket is the host of the ArchLabs Distro. When Microsoft purchased GitHub, I opted to move the documentation to GitLab, to take advantage of a few features that they offer over other services. A temporary wiki was set-up and will remain in-place while a larger change is underway to expand the documentation, so the ArchLabs Community can contribute to it. I am still heavily engaged in writing the necessary code, and migrating all the older materials to make this possible.

Although the site is not quite ready yet, I have attached a screenshot for everyone to see.


Ok, does this mean that this page will be extinguished?

There should not be any more documentation on the Github

I apologize because not everything I read is 100% understood as well as what I write should also be difficult, translator.

What you are seeing here is the old ArchLabs Repository. I am not the owner of it, like that of the documentation repository. It would be up to @natemaia or @Dobbie03 to determine if they wish to terminate this collection of repositories, under the ArchLabs name. Specifically, I was handling the wiki, and our newer project, to allow community engagement, in contributing to the documentation of the distro they love.

That’s why we found information in several places, I understood, thank you.

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