Getting an Appimage that lives in systray working

Hey folks, I have a particular appimage I want to run. It’s called Recollectr. It lives in the system tray but in AL i can’t get it to show up. I tried in in Manjaro i3 and it worked just fine… not sure why it won’t run. I was hoping someone smarter than I would check it out and see if they can find a solution…


You’re using i3 on AL as well? If so, are you using polybar or the i3bar for the system information and tray?

If it’s polybar, the tray may not be working; it’s always been kind of dicey, and I don’t know if it’s been improved.

If you’re using the i3bar, check the bar stanza in your i3 config. I don’t know what the AL default is, but make sure this line in not in the bar stanza:

tray_output none

That disables the system tray. If present, comment it out, or change it to your liking - i3 documentation.

Thanks, the indicators work for other apps…just not this one

Sorry man I am using BumbleBee status which has an in built systray.

Its not something to do with the settings in the app itself?

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Do you know that it’s actually not running? Maybe it’s there, but not displaying an icon. Bunsen Labs had that problem with a couple applications. If you click in the system tray, does the application come up?

Try changing your icon theme and seeing if it shows; not sure what Manjaro uses by default.I think the BL devs had to make a couple custom icons for their apps (battery icon as I recall).

Does it look like there is a gap in the system tray icon spacing; your application may be running, but the icon not showing.

I’ve been wanting to give that one a try.

Weirdest thing…woke up this morning and it was working… with no adjustments…weird.

The power of sleep ! Always something weird s happening , wonder how the systray file looks like @TimApple

The one with the Re was the one acting up, but it just started working.

Thx for sharing, guess that you rebooted right ! Sometimes it happens after reboots…

I did a couple of times… it’s really just a mystery.

lol, sometimes their s nothing to understand.

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Put that on a t-shirt and make your fortune.


lol, you bet @PackRat

Lol…added it to my list of tshirt ideas…I have an amazon merch account…will be made soon…lol

It’s the easiest out of the lot if you just want your bar to work with minimal fiddling.