Gentoo GitHub organization hacked -

Gentoo GitHub hacked -

The portage and ebuild repositories were not hacked so there shouldn’t be too many, if any, users affected. A user would have to sync against the GitHub rather than the official domain.


I read an article about this yesterday. Users seem for the most part unaffected but what a nightmare for the devs and another day of bad press for GitHub.

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I’m sure Microsoft will get Dr. Watson on this, stat.

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IKR? Haha!

I thought it would have been better to get Mr Clippy on the job?

It would be interesting to know the connection between the hackers and Gentoo. Why hack Gentoo?

I haven’t seen any connection, just some speculation that a Gentoo dev may have accidentally put some sensitive information on the GitHub page.

I’m sure there are people that specifically seek those sorts of mistakes out.

I agree, nothing better to than cause havoc.