Geany is behaving strangely

Good Day Community,

Geany is acting up and I don’t know why. Here is the error message I receive

$ geany 

(geany:3995): Geany-WARNING **: 23:07:41.015: Geany tried to access the Unix Domain socket of another instance running as another user.
This is a fatal error and Geany will now quit.
Gtk-Message: 23:07:41.158: GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent. This is discouraged.

Can someone please tell me how to fix this?

Did you happen to run geany as root? Bad things can happen if you do that - short answer, root can take possession of your ~/.config/geany.

Found these:

geany error message 1

geaqny error 2

looks to be the same solution, do a search of that (those) error messages; looks to be a common error; lots of hits.

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Did he get owned ! Or it doesn t have anything to do with it.

I agree, when using geany as root will cause it to fail. But my issue now, is that geany takes a long time to come up after the major update from .03 to .07.

Thanks my bru. The first link did the trick!
Yes, I do run geany as root. One has to when one wants to edit root config files. Do you suggest vim or something else leafpad?

Leafpad is good for that if you want a gui. Otherwise vim or nano which are already installed. Personally, I use a cli editor for system configuration. I’ll log into dwm and fire up a terminal if I know I’ll be doing that. It’s a mental trigger for me so I don’t forget I’m doing edits as root.

Also, there’s gedit. But, vim is more conducive for configuration files.